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Reducing the electricity usage, thus saving RM per month in electricity
We offer both General Energy Management as well as in depth analysis of how energy is used by our Clients in their day to day operations. Our specialised energy auditors install and monitor the actual power consumption on site. We then recommend and implement methods to increase energy efficiency to reduce the operating costs for our clients.


In 2019, we set up our first overseas office in Perth, Australia.

There are further expansion plans in process as we strive to offer more clients greater value added solutions in their Engineering needs. We currently serve over 1200 clients comprising Factories, Hotels, Hypermarkets, Banks, Car Showrooms, Estates, Mills, Data Centres, Refineries, Apartments and Condominiums, Car Showrooms, Petrol Stations, Banks, Ports, amongst others.

We have the ISO internal quality system to guide us in carrying out our operations.

With a large and expanding customer base, we offer a bigger package of services to our clients. Many depend on us as a ONE STOP Electrical Solution provider.

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